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Hardwood Floor Care Made Easy. No Bucket. No Mess.
  • Your product is fantastic. My wood floors shine and glow as if they were brand new. I am now a loyal user of Quick Shine!
    − Rose (Houston TX)
  • I am absolutely amazed. People do not know what they are missing, that they are spending hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to redo floors, they should try this first.”
    − Diane (Lula GA)
  • “I love Quick Shine! It makes my floor look like they’ve just been refinished.
    − Ann (Alpharetta GA)
  • I want to compliment your product: QUICK SHINE FLOOR FINISH. I owned a 3 flat apartment building and those floors look like they have just been revarnished. The new owners commended me on the beauty of the floors.
    − Janice (Albuquerque NM)
  • Thanks for a great product that far surpasses any expectations I could have had.
    − Glenda (N Little Rock AR)
  • I used Quick Shine on my old wood floors and the result was unbelievable! Two coats and they look like they were done professionally.
    − Matt (Chicago IL)
  • Quick Shine is absolutely amazing! The number of comments about how terrific the hardwood floors look is astonishing!
    − Regina (Chattanooga, TN)
  • I love your products. I have never found anything that gets my floors to shine this way.
    − Chrystal (Kingsport TN)
  • I am emailing to give your company the highest praise for Quick Shine Floor Finish. I’m so happy after applying this to my floors. My family and friends are amazed at how great they look. I REFUSE to buy anything else. Thanks again for an AMAZING product!
    − Wendi (Greenville, SC)
  • My son told me that his floors look like the day the men had put three coats of polyurethane on them. The shine is beautiful, like a professional used a buffing machine.
    − Mary (Borooklyn NY)

Fine Wood & Cabinet Care

Beautiful hardwood furniture can be priceless and timeless if maintained properly. Our select wood moisturizers and cleaners offer unequaled results in high-quality wood maintenance.  For quality hardwood cabinetry and wood furniture we present these fine wood care formulations.

Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Polish

Picture of Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Polish
Restores, Cleans, Polishes, Protects! Leather, Cabinets, Wood Furniture, Stainless Steel and Granite Counter Tops. $6.99

Holloway House® Lemon Oil 16 oz

Picture of Holloway House® Lemon Oil 16 oz
Protect, moisturize and beautify your fine wood furniture and cabinets. $5.99

Holloway House® Oil Soap 16 oz. (6-pack)

Picture of Holloway House® Oil Soap 16 oz. (6-pack)
Cleans leather and wood with a naturally soft emollient texture.$35.94 for six.

Holloway House® Orange Oil 16 oz. (6-pack)

Picture of Holloway House® Orange Oil 16 oz. (6-pack)
Orange grove fresh fragrance to clean, protect and condition fine wood furniture and cabinets. $35.94 for six.

Holloway House® Wood Cleaner 16 oz. (6-Pack)

Picture of Holloway House® Wood Cleaner 16 oz. (6-Pack)
Coconut fragrance with a deep cleaning action for wood furniture and cabinets. $35.94 for six.