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Floor Care FAQ

I was thinking of sanding and refinishing my hardwood floors but do not want to spend $1,000 nor go through the hassle of moving out for a few days.  Will your finish do the trick?
We have thousands of consumers who have used our Quick Shine® Floor Finish as a quick and easy substitute compared to a professional refinishing and hear nothing but raves.  Simply clean your hardwood surface with our water dampened microfiber pad.  Be certain that all pet hair and debris are picked up in the process.  Then apply two or three coats of our finish, step back and admire the deep, rich, restored look of your beautiful hardwood floors.  All without moving out or thousands of dollars in expense.

Your Quick Shine® Floor Finish directions say "Start with a clean, dry floor." What is the best way to accomplish this?

For light cleaning, clean your floor with our Quick Shine® Mop Pad dampened with plain, cool tap water.  Then apply the Quick Shine Floor Finish to the clean, dry surface.  For heavier soil, use the mop pad with our Quick Shine® Floor Cleaners and then followed by the finish application.  Do not clean with oil soap, pine oil, orange oil, ammonia, vinegar or all-purpose cleaners as these cleaners can interfere with the Finish process by leaving sticky oily residue, detergent haze or an inadequate surface for maximum Quick Shine® Floor Finish gloss.  To remove debris such as pet hair, popcorn, etc. simply dry sweep with our Quick Shine® Glide Sweeper.  If your floors have heavy, ground-in dirt or wax build-up, use our Quick Shine® Deep Clean Kit.

How many square feet will one 27 oz. bottle of Quick Shine® Floor Finish cover?
Approximately 500 square feet with one coat.

Are the Quick Shine® Finish and Cleaners safe to use in homes with kids and pets and for my home environment?
Yes.  Quick Shine® has earned the seal of approval from the DFE/EPA and the products proudly display the seal on the label. This seal certifies that Quick Shine® is safe to use in homes with kids and pets.  Also, in this partnership with Design for the Environment and the EPA, we are certified as using best safer chemistry practices and formulas for your home environment..  For further information visit our Environmental Stewardship page on this web site.

Is Quick Shine® Floor Finish a wax?
No. Quick Shine® Floor Finish is a water-borne polymer and, unlike wax products and oil-based urethane, is much easier to apply, maintain and touch up. Maintain the shine by simply keeping it clean with our Quick Shine® Microfiber material dampened with regular tap water or for heavier soil clean with our Quick Shine® Cleaner. Also, Quick Shine® Floor Finish will never yellow and is slip resistant.

If needed, can Quick Shine® Floor Finish be removed from the floor surface?
If Quick Shine® Floor Finish has not been properly applied or maintained, it can be removed with our Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner. Our Deep Cleaner is also available in a kit that comes with a microfiber scrubber bonnet at this link: Quick Shine® Deep Clean Kit..

Is Quick Shine® Floor Finish a cleaner?
Quick Shine® Floor Finish is a water-borne polymer finish and should be used to enhance the floors appearance. Although it does have some cleaning characteristics built into the formulation, Quick Shine Floor Finish was developed as a gloss and color restoration for hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl surfaces.  Weekly cleaning should be done with our Quick Shine® white microfiber bonnet dampened with regular cool tap water or for heavier soil use the microfiber bonnet with Quick Shine® Floor Cleaner. Do not clean with oil soap, pine oil, orange oil, ammonia, vinegar or all-purpose cleaners as these cleaners can compromise the shine with hazing and oily residue.

How often should I reapply the Quick Shine® Floor Finish?
As often as you feel is necessary to maintain the shine that you desire. As a general rule of thumb, heavy traffic floors can be refreshed every few months. Light traffic floors every 3 to 4 months. You can even refresh just the high traffic lanes of your floor with Quick Shine® Floor Finish.

What kind of applicator should be used to apply Quick Shine® Floor Finish?
Try our Quick Shine® Hardwood Mop with our soft, re-usable smooth pad or the Quick Shine® soft, re-usable white microfiber bonnet as perfect methods to spread the Quick Shine® Floor Finish. The pads are reusable and are much more effective and higher quality than the disposable sweeper sheets from the store and are easier to use than a sponge mop. For best results, moisten the micro-fiber pad with regular tap water, pull over any sponge mop or disposable-pad mop head and then spread the Quick Shine® Floor Finish solution.  A damp, freshly rinsed sponge mop is also an effective means of applying Quick Shine® Floor Finish to your floor.

Should I use ammonia or vinegar solutions to clean my floor?
No. Ammonia and vinegar solutions will reduce the shine on your floor over time.  Although they can be adequate cleaners of other surfaces they are not appropriate for hard surface floors.

Can I clean my floor with all-purpose cleaners or oil soap/orange oil cleaners?
No. All-purpose cleaners can leave a detergent haze, which adversely affects the appearance of your floor and interferes with the shine. Also, oil soap/orange oil cleaners can leave a sticky, oily, residue film on the floor. Weekly cleaning should be done with our Quick Shine® Mop Pad dampened with plain cool tap water.  For heavier soil use this pad with our Quick Shine Light Cleaners.  These light, rinse-free cleaners are neutral and will never reduce the shine.

Can I use Quick Shine® Floor Finish on my laminate floor?
Yes, Quick Shine® Floor Finish can be used to add more gloss to your laminate floors. It is important that you do not apply the Quick Shine® Floor Finish onto the laminate surface without cleaning the surface first. Applying Quick Shine® Floor Finish over oil soap/orange oil or all-purpose detergent cleaners or other polishes will interfere with the quality of the shine and can cause a streaky look. The laminate surface should also be completely dry when applying Quick Shine® Floor Finish. Once you have established the Quick Shine® Floor Finish gloss, it is important to maintain the gloss coat by frequent cleaning with a tap-water dampened Quick Shine® Mop Pad.  For heavier soil use this pad with our light, rinse-free cleaners.  Occasionally reapply the Quick Shine® Floor Finish when you feel the shine has faded in order to re-invigorate the gloss. Laminate floors are snap-locked or glued into place therefore you should never flood-coat the floor with water.

Can Quick Shine® Floor Finish help new floors?
Yes. Quick Shine® Floor Finish protects and enhances new floors from scratching and damage of the factory seal and is typically used when consumers desire more gloss after the floor is installed. Many consumers apply several coats of our Quick Shine® Floor Finish to impart a deeper, richer and more protective glow to their newly installed floors.  As always, check with the manufacturer for their floor care maintenance tips.  Ultimately it is your decision and may simply require tap-water dampened microfiber cleaning in order to maintain your new floor if you are satisfied with the factory gloss quality.

Can I use Quick Shine® Floor Finish on any hard surface floor?
Most hard-surface floors are perfect candidates for Quick Shine® Floor Finish. Quick Shine® Floor Finish can be used with beautiful results on hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, no-wax, vinyl, stone, linoleum and most other hard surface flooring. Quick Shine® Floor Finish is not recommended for some unsealed and damaged wood floors, although many of our consumers use it with success on unsealed hardwood as well.

Can the Quick Shine® Hardwood Floor Mop be used to dry mop also?
Yes. These microfiber pads can be used damp or dry. The tightly woven, tiny micro-fiber material is very efficient at entrapping dirt and loose debris off the floor and into the pad whether it is dry or damp.  Try it both ways and see which you prefer.

Are the Quick Shine® Micro-Fiber mop pads re-usable?
Yes, over and over again, dozens of times. Simply machine wash micro-fiber mop pads with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in hot water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Air-dry or put in dryer on low to medium heat. Do not use dryer softener sheets. Each use, identify one pad for cleaning and one pad for finishing.

What is a good way to protect my hard surface flooring from scuffing and scratching?
Establish mats at entry points to the floor to entrap dirt and debris from foot traffic. Place felt-tipped protectors on bottom of chair legs. Remove high heel shoes before walking on floor surface. Dust mop at least once a week, more frequently if heavy soil is present.  Keep your pets nails trimmed.  Also, apply a few coats of Quick Shine® Floor Finish to the clean, dry surface. This will provide a protective polymer coat on the floor that will protect the floor while adding a deep, rich glow.  This coat also makes future cleaning and scuff removal easier due to the smooth, rich surface.

What do you recommend for unsealed wood floors?
Holloway House Wood Floor Wax n Clean is the old-fashioned way to care for unsealed hardwood and requires ventilation and buffing.  This is an oil-based product.  Many of our consumers prefer the results they achieve on their unsealed hardwood by using our water-borne polymer Quick Shine® Floor Finish.  This product is much easier to use and has earned the DFE/EPA safer chemistry seal of approval.  The de-ionized water in the formula delivers the polymer to the floor surface and is designed for quick evaporation which quickly leaves only the deep, rich glow on the floor.

Should I clean my floor with plain water?
Occasionally, you can use a plain water dampened Quick Shine® microfiber mop pad as an easy way to clean and remove light dust from your hardwood and other type floors.  As frequently mentioned in this FAQ piece a tap-water dampened pad is sometimes all that is needed to keep the gloss clear and clean.  Deeper cleaning should be done with our Quick Shine Cleaners.

Always follow directions and manufacturer maintenance recommendations.  Hard surface floors are beautiful ways to add character to your home.  Pamper them with the easiest, most durable and time-tested method of maintenance available, Quick Shine® Floor Care.