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What our customers have to say about us


Oh my goodness, I've been cleaning and waxing my floors for a lot of years and this product is just unbelievable. I've told so many of my friends about it and I actually look forward to doing the floors because I know they'll look like they were professionally done. As I sit here typing this message I'm looking down the hallway and everything is shiny, shiny, shiny. Fabulous product that I will continue to buy. Thank you, Judith Niland


My hardwood floors are very old and dull. The product I had always used was out of stock so I tried Quick Shine. I was NOT disappointed! My hardwood has never had the shiny, glossy look as they do now!!! Then, I experimented with adding a second coat and the results were just as promised in the directions on the bottle! I'm glad I gave your product a try. I can never go back. Quick Shine also has a pleasant scent. Thank you.


This is a superior product it brings my Saltillo tile to life with a protective coating and bright rich shine.


I think for the can't beat Quick Shine. I was hesitant at first because their pricing is so competitive I thought I'd get a "lack-luster" (pardon the pun) product....totally wrong. Quick Shine delivered on everything as promised and absolutely exceeded my expectations....without sacrificing ANYTHING for the low price. You get the best of both worlds. Just remember to be patient, don't over saturate the floor, make sure you CLEAN, scrub and mop the floor first (I used Quick Shine Hardwood Cleaner and it's fantastic) as anything you cover with the Luster product will become shiny....I cannot recommend this product or company enough....a true shame after a decade I'm just now enjoying the true beauty of the hardwood floors I've seen every single day as dull, worn-out and tired. They're now totally amazing and a wonderful "addition" to my living space. Just again remember, through cleaning and wait until the floor is dry and ideally use a microfiber cloth to spread evenly...5ft at a'll be blown away with how easy and inexpensive the process's literally a new floor in a bottle.


When Quick Shine Floor Finish is paired with Quick Shine Floor Cleaner the results are immaculate. Recommending to all my family and friends.


I have used this floor finish for years. it stays on a long time and makes my wood floors look wonderful


I love this Finish. Have been using it on my laminate floors for a couple of years after cleaning them with the floor cleaner.


Quick Shine is so quick and easy. I have used it on my bass guitar and now my friends amplifier. It is such a handy product.


Just, wow. When we moved in our laminate “hardwood” floors were shiny and lovely, but the destruction of toddler spills and crappy Swiffer cleaner left grime that even washing on my hands and knees couldn’t tackle. I ordered this cleaner paired with a spin mop, and didn’t pretreat or anything, just put a capful in the bucket and mopped. My floors are shiny and lovely once again. It even cleaned the weird bumps in the ceramic tile so beautifully! The scent is mild and clean smelling, and I am just so pleased with this product I can’t stand it!


Before I purchased this floor shine product, I did quite a bit of research. I wanted a product, the best product on the market that actually puts a shine on the floors, tile, laminate, hardwood… I found it in this product! OMG, it really does shine the floors. I was very impressed after trying so many other products. It’s so easy to use. The jug isn’t useable to spray on the floors, so I just cleaned out a dish soap container and used that. I put a clean reusable pad on my Swiffer mop and just squirted a little on the floor and mopped through it. I turned on my ceiling fan and closed my bedroom door to let it dry. I waited a good long while deliberately, before going in. This stuff is AWESOME.


This polish is a game changer from plain dull hardwoods to a gorgeous shine in my kitchen which is a high traffic area of my home. I cleaned the floors and made sure all were dry and applied the polish as directed with a fiber cloth mop which I dampened with water and wrung out. WOW! This stuff works! My floors look like new and the shine is beautiful. My husband couldn’t believe the transformation! I will be stocking up on these products.


Used on a very dull and scratched hardwood floor. Used fine steel wool to polish out the small scratches and then applied Quick Shine. The floors really looked fantastic afterwards. The finish seems quite durable as the floors are still shiny weeks later even with a dog in the house.


I can't stop looking at my floor!! I have very old wood floors that could probably stand to be refinished. I've tried so many products through the years. Picked up the Quick Shine hardwood floor luster mainly because it was safe for pets and children. The shine is awesome! Even the spots with water damage and places where the top coat has started to peel, look amazing. Finally, the floors look great!


Everyone loves our floor.


Very easy to use and produces a great shine.


It’s my favorite shine wax to use on my hardwood floors.


Very easy to use and cleans very well. It dries quickly and leaves no streaks and floor dries with a nice sheen.


I absolutely love this stuff! I did my floor last week and it still shines!


You want a great shine and non slippery floor, this is the product.


The product made the floors look like brand new. Easy to apply and took only one coat. A good shine but not glossy (my preference).