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Customer photo demonstrating use of Quick Shine® products
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Customer photo of shiny floors
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What our customers have to say about us


Everyone loves our floor.


Very easy to use and produces a great shine.


It’s my favorite shine wax to use on my hardwood floors.


Very easy to use and cleans very well. It dries quickly and leaves no streaks and floor dries with a nice sheen.


I absolutely love this stuff! I did my floor last week and it still shines!


You want a great shine and non slippery floor, this is the product.


The product made the floors look like brand new. Easy to apply and took only one coat. A good shine but not glossy (my preference).


We recently bought a new house and although the house is only 10 years old, the wood floor were not as shiny as we’d like. We tried EVERYTHING and was amazed by how well this product worked! If you want beautiful shiny floor, get this - you will not regret it.


This product is great on hardwood floors. It’s easy to use. It’s spreads nicely. It has a very mild scent which also makes it easy to use.


Easy to use. Love the shine it delivers!


Made my floors look new again!! I have 2 labs that tear up my floor and this helps immensely with discoloration and scratches.


Best floor cleaner.


Love it! Didn’t realize how much better my floors could look.


I adore this product! My husband and I bought a home two years ago from residents that apparently had no idea how to clean at all. I didn’t think I would ever get my floors clean enough to walk comfortably on them barefoot. Between the hardwood floor shine and the cleaner I was super impressed from the first use. The floors stayed shined for weeks even using the cleaning product in between shines. Would recommend 100 times over!


I am 85 years old. I've used alot of wax in my days. I wanted to tell you nothing is as good as your Quick Shine. I tell everyone about it. It's the best ever.


Just wanted to say quick shine floor finish is a great product. when i was a single soldier in the active army many moons ago i would pass barracks inspections with flying colors with the most shinny floor in all the barracks. 15 or so years later i still use the same product to make my kitchen floor look fantastic. Thank you for continuing to make this product and intend to keep buying it off the shelf. Thank you


I researched floor treatments for saltillo tile floors that cover my house except in 2 spaces. Most recommendations came from hotels using commercial equipment and 5 gallon drums of finishes. I discovered Quick Shine & have been a customer for 20+ years. My tile floors constantly draw attention & questions of how I keep it protected and beautiful. I use Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner & Floor Finish with only a mop. It dries quickly & the ease in rotation throughout the house is simple.


Bought a bottle of Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster. Just Love it. Best product I have used. We live in a home that is over 100 years old. The floors are now shiny and beautiful. Need to go buy another bottle.


My hardwood floors have been looking kinda dingy for awhile but I did not want the expense of having them refinished so I decided to try your Hardwood Floor Luster and I must tell you “AWESOME”……my floors are just beautiful. I have a dog and cat and did not want a high shine because of claw scratches showing so I just did one coat and was soooo happy with the results. It is indeed a wonderful product and I will recommend to all my friends that have hardwood floors. Thank you!!!


I have been using your products for 20 years. I have my family using it too. Our hardwood floors look like glass without the slippery feel.