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Caring for Your Floors

Maintain It

Keep up the sparkle and shine of your floors! Our cleaners and reusable microfiber products are your best friends when it comes to removing everyday dirt, soil, and debris.

Woman cleaning the floor with the Quick Shine® Spray Mop

Tips for Maintaining Your Floors

  • Keep the finish glow fresh by dry dusting weekly with a dry microfiber mop such as our Quick Shine® Hardwood Floor Mop in order to eliminate everyday dust and debris.
  • Be sure to wipe up spills immediately. Allowing them to sit on your floor for prolonged periods of time can lead to damage.
  • For small spills, paw prints, or foot prints clean with our Quick Shine® Daily Care spray cleaners. Simply mist area and wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • For a large area or to clean heavier dirt or soil, use our zero-residue Quick Shine® Cleaners in our Quick Shine® Spray Mop for quick and easy cleaning. The squirt-top cleaners can also be used directly on the floor.
  • It is important to rinse and wring the pad frequently in order to release the dirt from the pad to prevent streaking and hazing.

Floor Care 101

Different types of flooring require different approaches to care. We’ll walk you through all the best ways to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your floors.