Why Quick Shine Products Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

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With the holiday festivities bringing good cheer, we must remember to take extra precautions for the cold weather. Snow, ice and rain can do lots of damage to a hardwood floor. Take these extra steps below to care for your floors all year and pick up the right products to bring holiday cheer.

5 Of The Grossest Items Around Your Home

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We all have our daily quick cleanups, however many areas in our homes get passed by every day without any thought to clean them. Here is a rundown of the top 5 grossest items in your home that need to be cleaned or tossed immediately!

How To Host A Spooktacular Night

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Calling all party planners! Are you hosting a Howl-O-Ween party this year and need some Spooktacular tricks to execute the perfect night? Look no further, we have the ultimate check list for you right here!

Quality Floor Care for Pets and their Humans

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As loving family members we all care about our pets and our children. We love the joy they bring, and of course them cleaning up after every mess they make!


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Stainless Steel has been the preferred appliance for decades now. The only problem is they show every smudge, spot and fingerprint that has been in contact with it. A love-hate relationship at its finest!