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Easy Eco-Friendly Switches To Start Making Today

We live in a world where possibilities are endless. We can travel near and far for work or pleasure. We go to the store and have a variety of different products to choose from whether it is food, beauty and…

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Pumpkin Carving Fun

Halloween is almost here!  A time for creepy crawlers, trick or treat guests, ghostly sighting’s, showing off your pumpkin carving…

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Who Doesn’t Love a Sale?!

Special Promotions!  Sale!  Free Shipping!  All delightful words every human being loves to hear.  Well, you can get all of…

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Quick Solution to Drips & Overspray

Accidents happen, am I right?  However, there is no need to worry in this situation.  We have a quick and…

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Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish: No More Fingerprints!!

As the saying goes, your kitchen is the heart of the home.  With families and kids, pets, and friends traveling…

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Floor Maintenance

This week we are going to discuss how to maintain your rich, beautiful glowing floors after applying our Quick Shine®…

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Give Your Floors the WOW Factor!

Hi Quick Shine® fans!  Today we are going to discuss how to properly apply our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish…

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Q & A with our Experts

Sometimes when we try new products we want to make sure we’re comfortable and know all about it.  We want…

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Dorm Room Tips: Organize & Decorate Your Space

For all you parents out there seeing your child off to college – it’s a hard thing to do.  It…

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Safer Choice for Kids & Pets

Here, at Holloway House we’re proud of our Quick Shine® line of products that carry the Safer Choice label! We…

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