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Waterproof Flooring Trend – Will It Last?

Waterproof flooring is in high demand this year. It just makes sense! This flooring is by far the most indestructible with scratch, stain and water resistance. It used to be that if you wanted waterproof floors, tile was your only…

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Hardwood Floors & Pets: How To Enjoy Both

According to The American Pet Products Association’s (APPA)  latest market research, 68 percent of US households include at least one pet. The APPA…

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Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide Plank hardwood flooring is trendy and timeless.  Where wide plank flooring is installed, it’s often one of the first…

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Affordable Home Projects

You’re stuck at home for who knows how long and running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained. We have…

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Household Ingredients That Are NOT SAFE For Pets

I’m sure you’ve all heard that chocolate is not good for dogs. I still have that OREO commercial ingrained in…

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How To Make Cleaning Easier & More Effective

No matter what’s on your cleaning to-do list, starting with clean tools will save you tons of time and effort!…

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Cleaning Your Home Office In 5 Easy Steps

As many of us have to resort to working from home the next few weeks or months, we wanted to…

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Cleaning & Disinfecting During Flu Season

Every home looks a little different. Some homes have kids, some pets and some empty nesters. We’ve compiled a list…

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Spring Cleaning Checklist: 16 Spots Everyone Forgets To Clean

You missed a spot… Don’t feel bad, even the tidiest people forget to clean everything in their homes.  Check out…

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Tiny Homes With Stunning Hardwood Floors

Have you ever dreamed of changing things up a bit and simplifying your life? I find myself on Pinterest for…

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5 Ways To Prepare For Vacation So Coming Home Is Easier

Spring Break is just around the corner. Here is a fun fact: In total, Americans plan to spend $1,817.70 on…

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