Laminate, LVT and Vinyl Plank flooring are practical and cost effective. Because the top layer of laminate is a protective vinyl, laminate and vinyl can be cleaned and renewed in much the same way, using our products designed for these floor surfaces. Here’s how:

Prevent wear by keeping floors clean. Use rugs or floor mats at entries to pick up abrasive materials before they are tracked in. Felt protectors on furniture legs can prevent scratching. Wear socks instead of shoes, and keep pets’ nails trimmed. Keep the floor free of dust, pet hair, dirt, and debris by dry dust mopping or damp mopping with tap water. (The re-usable microfiber bonnets in our Quick Shine® Pantry Tray are great for this!)

When the floor needs to be cleaned, use Quick Shine® Multi Surface Floor Cleaner. Dampen our clean microfiber bonnet with tap water, then squirt and spread Quick Shine® Multi Surface Floor Cleaner.

Note: Never flood laminate or vinyl floors with water. Water can penetrate where they are glued or snap-locked into place.

If your vinyl or laminate starts to look dull, refresh the shine with Quick Shine® Multi Surface Floor Finish. This water-borne polymer is formulated with an adhesion component. This means it adheres to surfaces such as vinyl and laminates. Always clean the floor well before applying the finish. If you plan to use Quick Shine® Multi Surface Floor Finish, do not clean the floor with oil soap, pine oil, orange oil, ammonia, vinegar or any other all-purpose cleaner. These cleaners can leave an oily residue or detergent haze that interferes with the bonding process of Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish.

Make sure you follow instructions that come from the manufacturer or seller of your flooring materials, and spot-test in a hidden area if you are unsure whether a Quick Shine® product is right for your floor.