Lazy Cleaning Tips for When You Just Don’t Wanna…

After working all day, it’s hard to find motivation to pick up, fold laundry, clean the floors…the list goes on.  Before I knew it, it was Sunday night, my weekend was over, and the next day started another work week.  Breaking down your to-do list for an entire week allows you to focus on one or two areas a day and requires little energy.

Below are a few daily tips to keep your home in order so you can kick back and enjoy some down time…(and who doesn’t want that!?!)

It may seem like a LOT to do at first glance, but really if you space them out over your entire week it doesn’t take long at all.  Some days during the work week, I could barely muster up enough energy to make dinner and help with homework.  Even thinking of all the housework left to do had me wanting to take a nap right then.  Therefore, that would leave everything to be done on the weekends.  I was OVER feeling like a slave in my own home.  Hopefully these quick tips can help you out of your rut, too!

One little secret I also want to share…my personal favorites are the Quick Shine® mops when cleaning my floors.  They are the #1 tool to getting the job done in minutes!  Check them out here!  Happy cleaning friends!!

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