Holloway House® Lemon Oil

Highly refined natural oil deeply moisturizes and preserves wood for a rich, natural glow. Formulated with sun-guard to prevent fading from daylight and direct sunlight.

Also removes soap scum and water spots from tile, shower doors and stainless steel. Easy-squeeze squirt bottle.

– Buy a 6-pack, pay $5.99 per bottle, save $1 per bottle –

Holloway House® Orange Oil

Biodegradable, gentle formula with orange fragrance.

No harsh detergents or abrasives. Can be used on your hands and natural surfaces such as wood and leather.

– 6 bottles of 16 ounces each –

Holloway House® Wood Cleaner

Waterless, natural cleaner for fine wood. Cleans and protects. Gently dissolves wax buildup.

Deep-cleans dirt, cooking grease, smoke, and body oils which can darken and soften wood. Easy-squeeze squirt bottle.

– 6 bottles of 16 ounces each –

Quick Shine® Cabinet & Wood Cleaner + Polish

Removes dirt, grease, and dull waxy buildup to bring out wood’s natural beauty.
Just spray and wipe.

Cleans, conditions, and protects. Protects against stains, water spots, fading, and cracking.
Leaves a deep, rich shine with no streaks or waxy buildup.

– Buy a 6-pack, pay $6.99 per bottle, save $1 per bottle –