“I am 70 years old and this was so easy to apply. I thought we were going to be replacing our floors until I tried Quick Shine. I AM IN MY HAPPY PLACE. Keep up the good work.”

K – Florida  11/19/2019  12:00 PM

“Your Floor Finish is the BEST by far. I am 87 years old so you know I’ve waxed a lot of floors. Your’s is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever used. I think it’s great.”

Ken  –  S. Weymouth, MA  11/15/2019  10:05 AM

“I have used your Quick Shine cleaners and finishes for some years now but held off on the Deep Cleaner because it takes time and labor commitment. Got started on my kitchen floor which had several years of finish, moved on to a small bathroom, and then a larger bathroom. CUT DOWN THROUGH YEARS OF FINISHING and back to the original vinyl flooring. A couple coats of Quick Shine Floor Finish and all of my floors look like new again. This was also the first time I used the Quick Shine Microfiber Mop to apply the finish, and now I see that it gets right into the corners, something I could not do with my sponge mop which has a scrubber sticking out towards the front. I am sure you hear the same stories, over and over again, but now that we are on top of the cleaning and finishing process, I will always use and recommend Quick Shine products.”

Sharon – 11/5/2019  10:15 AM

“I absolutely never do this, but I am so impressed with your product I had to let you know! I recently used your Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster on an original 1962 hardwood floor that has never been refinished. It was quick and easy and looks AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for making a daunting task so easy!! Recommending it to everyone!”

Michelle – St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada  10/31/2019  11:10 AM

“I have used your Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish several times and it brought my thirty plus year old floor ALIVE. Your product is fantastic. I work as a cashier in a grocery store and recommend your products as often as needed. Thank you from a happy customer.”

Ken –  Stevensville, MI  10/7/2019

“I have Laminate floors and your Quick Shine Floor Finish have my floors just beautiful. I just love, love, love your floor finish. It gives my floors a beautiful shine and the shine lasts a long time. I get so many compliments on my floors.”

Helen –  Monroe, LA  9/30/2019  12:48 PM

“I just want you to know that your Holloway House Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner/Wax Remover is the best floor cleaner/wax stripper I have ever used. About 2000 square feet of my home is a vinyl wood look. I have previously used product protectors, that were dulling the floor and holding the dirt, and I searched for quite some time before finding this product online only. I used your cleaner on my floor that has not looked good for sometime, now looks brand new, shiny and great. I was planning on buying new floors for my home, but now, I am so happy with the result, that I am not replacing. Thank you for the great product. There is nothing better.”

Marcia – 9/19/2019  1:46 PM

“Every time I use your Quick Shine Floor Finish I love it even more. I have been using it for about six years now when I thought my tile floors were ruined. They look brand new! Keep up the great products.”

Cynthia – Las Vegas, NV  09/14/2019  2:47 PM

“Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Quick Shine Floor Finish; These product are Excellent! It is one of the BEST products I have ever used. I am an avid buyer of cleaning products and try all New cleaning products or ones I haven’t tried, seen on the store shelf or recommended. Nothing is ever too clean for me and I feel there is no cost limit to something being clean! I recently started changing all my household products over to Plant-powered, Eco friendly, no chemical added products. (My daughter is on her 3rd round of Cancer and I’m trying to avoid all harmful vapors/chemicals).  They are easily found in hand soaps, make ups, shampoo’s, etc.  But floor products are hard to come by that state “Safer Choice” for kids and Pets.  I came about your floor cleaners at our local Walmart, had another one in my hand that I had a coupon for and saw the 55 years in business and Safer choice logo and WOW am I glad I tried it! I’m hooked!  Believe it or not it was less expensive then the one with the coupon. I like to compare products on my First use.  I cleaned my Laminate floor with my usual disinfecting solution, thinking it was spotless-however it was still dull and streaked.  Then I cleaned my floor with your product “Quick Shine Floor Cleaner” directly after, oh my goodness AMAZING!    Using your Product It shined heavenly and the water in the bucket I dumped was dirty. YIKES 😬 that shocked me!  After that I bought bottles of the hardwood cleaner and Floor finish and cleaned all my hardwood floors, cleaned my tile and marble floors and even did my Business/Shoppe floors.  What a difference! The Floor Finish went on my Laminate so easily and they look brand new! Everyone asked if I got my floors redone.   They dried in 45 minutes as specified and very little scent in the air.  I would recommend your product to everyone and do! I can’t wait to buy more products on your site! Thank you for making  EXCELLENT products! It’s a relief never to have to search for another floor cleaner again!”

Nancie –  9/16/2019  1:08 PM

“Since I started using the Quick Shine for my real hardwood floors my floors are beyond amazing!!! I had friends who had seen the house before we moved in then we had them over and they could not believe how great our floors looked! They had even asked if we had them re-finished. I said no just used Holloway House Quick Shine.”

Colette  –  Essexville, MI  9/9/2019  7:26 PM