“I can’t believe I’m writing a review for floor cleaner but I had to! I have a very dark, textured hardwood floor that I love. Just a steam mop and they look great. I’m not a fan of really high shine wood floors so I’ve never bought any kind of floor shiner etc but after 2 years, 4 kids and a cat my matte floors actually looked dull. I was sooo nervous to buy anything like this because 1) I didn’t want this glass shine on my floor and 2) I didn’t want to move all my furniture around and spend all day on my floors. This didn’t claim a high shine just a “luster” so I decided to just try. I cleaned and steam mopped my floors and in a small room just squirted and mopped in with a microfiber sweeper. I was happy with the cleaning it also provided and waited the appropriate time and went in to look and WOW!! I was completely blown away! It did exactly as promised. It gave my floors just this luster. A light, healthy glow, my floors looked incredible! The bottle says if you desire a high shine do more coats but I didn’t find it necessary. The areas I didn’t get to as much blended nicely there was no harsh “she didn’t mop here” line. I quickly did the rest of my hard floors and literally can’t stop looking at them! Even my husband commented 3 times how awesome they look. I noticed less dusty footprints from kids running in and out, no marks from my son dragging toys across the floor. This truly not only shines and brings a new look but has great protection also. Also want to add I’ve used ALL big name and cheap name floor cleaners, etc this takes the cake!”

MCT – 01/07/2019  3:33 PM

“I just wanted to say that I love your Quick Shine Finish & Quick Shine Floor Cleaner! I get so many compliments every time someone comes to my house. I have 2 small dogs & I clean my floors every week with your products. It makes mopping & shining so easy. Glides on with a very pleasant clean smell. I tell everyone what I use & have my friends & family using it.”

Lisa – San Leon, TX  01/03/2019  4:55 PM

“Just used your Quick Shine for hardwood. I finally got a shine back on my floors. Love your product. You now have a new customer.”

Kendra – 12/24/2018  5:56 PM

“May I take this opportunity to acknowledge one of your products I accidentally purchased and which has been the best “accident” I have ever made! House-sitting for my daughter, I decided to brighten her floors while the family was away. Not having hardwood myself and knowing nothing about your product, I chose the one for Hi-Traffic areas. I cannot begin to tell you the fantastic results! Upon their return, my 8 year old grandson shouted, “We need sunglasses the house is so bright!” His next request was when could we do his room? Since then, we have applied the finish about once a year. It lasts that long through children, constant traffic and a pet dog! I don’t know when I have EVER used such a great product! I have recommended it to many friends who have hardwood. Whatever you are doing, please continue. The quality and price are unsurpassable!”

Carol – Mt. Pleasant, PA  12/14/2018  3:01 PM


“Finally found a product to improve the look of my old hardwood floors. They were dry and dull before I used it, and now they look rich. The shine doesn’t disappear when the floor dries. Great product! Thank you.”

Jill P. –  December 12, 2018 9:35 AM

“After trying several products on the market, I always come back to this product. We have an old farmhouse with the original 100+ year old hard wood floors. This is the only product that doesn’t dull the finish, but leaves a very nice shine.”

Jill – 12/6/2018  8:27 AM 

“While pulling up old old carpet in our New England home we discovered really nice oak floors hiding underneath. After thirty years of being covered up they were in bad need of refinishing($$$). After a friend told us about Holloway House Quick Shine we tried it out. Wow! After 3 coats, which gives it the deep beautiful shine, we were not disappointed. Remember, 3 coats and letting it dry between coats. We’ve now have done our whole house including the stair and are exceptionally pleased! Before you pickup the phone and start shelling out hundreds of dollars for a professional refinishing job please give this product a shot. A few dents and dings are considered character for a New England hardwood floor.”

Chipper – December 5, 2018  9:15 PM 

“Super easy to assemble. Very wide surface on mop head and large spray area from trigger spray. Amazing on time, hugs corners. So glad I can fill it with my own soap. Great product!”

Katie – 11/28/2018  9:45 PM

“I’ve tried a lot of mops in my day, and this one is BY FAR the best!! The microfiber pad that comes with it is very durable and reusable. You can’t find this quality anywhere. I use my hardwood floor mop a lot of different ways… dry dusting, damp mopping with water, and it’s also perfect to use when applying my Quick Shine Floor Finish to make my floors shine. I couldn’t have asked for a better mop! Thank you!”

Emma – 11/27/2018  9:35 AM 

“I wanted to let you know that your product is helping to preserve a VERY historic building in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is called “Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery”. I am the chief custodian for the building, and I bought your product hoping that it would help to shine up and preserve our 150 year old floors. Not only did it shine it up, it made it look new!”

Rachel – Milwaukee, WI  11/26/2018  9:54 AM