“Since I started using the Quick Shine for my real hardwood floors my floors are beyond amazing!!! I had friends who had seen the house before we moved in then we had them over and they could not believe how great our floors looked! They had even asked if we had them re-finished. I said no just used Holloway House Quick Shine.”

Colette  –  Essexville, MI  9/9/2019  7:26 PM

“Just had to write and tell you what a terrific product you have. I usually buy Rejuvenate but the store was out of it so I thought I would try Quick Shine Multi Surface Floor Finish. Well I love it ..I will never buy Rejuvenate again. My floors never looked so good. My tile and wood
floors shine like a mirror. So glad I found this amazing product. Thank you.”

Ann – Garner, NC  08/30/2019  11:09 AM

“My Husband and I manage a 115 year old hotel. Hotel Blessing in Blessing Texas. Our floors were looking really bad from regular wear. I have used many products trying to find one that would clean and leave a shine all have failed till I ran across your product. Low and behold I love Quick Shine Floor Finish.”

Tamera – Blessing, TX  8/29/2019  1:56 PM

“Oh my gosh, what a wonderful product. I am 81 years old and never found such a great product. I have been so unhappy with my vinyl floors and received a coupon from our local store to try your product. I have tried every product on the market and was thinking of replacing my vinyl floors. Not now! My floors are like new! I am so happy. I will spread the word. Thank you. You saved me hundreds on new floors.”

Zella –  North Bend, OR  8/19/19  1:00 PM

“Just wanted to send a short note to say “Thank you” for your ‘QUICK SHINE MULTI-SURFACE FLOOR FINISH’. My wife and I had new laminate flooring put down exactly 2 years ago today .. and I have tried several products in the hope of bringing luster to our floor. All of them left a dull finish and a sticky film – to the point that our 2 cats hated to walk on the floor! Today, I went to our local Walmart and saw your product line. I chose the green label because it said it “protects and shines”. What the heck.. I bought it. When I got home, I squirted some on the floor and took our micro-fiber mop and suddenly .. Wow! Our floors shine like new. I couldn’t be happier. Even my wife was amazed! We finally got something that really works! On the front of the container, it says, “It’s like a new floor in a bottle!” Absolutely correct. I will buy this again for sure and will highly recommend your line of products to others who are looking to renew their wood floors! Thank you SO much.”

Ray –  Lenoir, NC  8/17/2019  3:55 PM

“I just wanted to say your products are great. My husband brought it home to me when the store was out of Mop and Shine. I really thought it wouldn’t be any good. Was I surprised. Now I use the floor cleaner followed with floor finish. Simply love what it does to my floors. People are quick to complain, but forget to give praise. It’s my go to product now. Glad my husband brought it home.”

Tammy –  Winston Salem, NC  8/10/2019  12:31 PM

“I love your Quick Shine for my floors. I have tried them all and yours is the best! I purchased it from Walmart.”

Joyce – FL  8/8/2019  9:30 AM

“Quick Shine Floor Finish is the best product we have ever used for our hardwood floors.”

Linda – Atlantic Highlands, NJ  7/30/2019

“I live in a one year old 55+ senior community that has vinyl and carpet flooring in the hall. Living on the end of the first floor, I have a larger area that I swiffer often, but it has become dull. After some research, your Quick Shine Floor Finish came up with great reviews. I purchased it at Walmart, and used it on the hall floor tonight. What an amazing transformation!!! The floor looks beautiful … the shine has made the floor look like new again. Thanks for a great product, and will recommend it to all!!!”

Joyce – Crandall, TX  7/23/2019  10:59 PM

“I want to let you know that I LOVE your products. I recommend them to Everyone I run into. When they ask how do I get the floors to be so shiny and healthy looking I tell them I use Quick shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. I’m Sold on this product “wood” not trade it for any other.”

Bobbi – 7/19/2019  2:00 PM