“There is nothing I can say negatively about this product.  It is 1000% my go to for stain removal. Approximately 25+ years ago, I traveled to Florida visiting my parents.  One time while there, my Mom and I purchased a bottle of Perma Press from Publix (our favourite store), wondering how well the product really worked. Well, from that day forward, every March Break I went to see my parents, I would purchase 6-8 bottles of this product to bring home in my suitcase.  My parents always flew home mid April, so I would ask them to bring another 4 bottles home with them to make sure I was stocked up. After my parents stopped travelling, I was devastated wondering how I was going to get my Perma Press. I finally contacted Holloway House about sending a case to me here in Canada.  They said that would be no problem, but I had to pay Duty (not just a couple of $, plus it was in US$).  I said to them that the product was worth it. Four years ago, I traveled with my husband to Florida for the winter.  One of my first things to do was to go to Publix and have the Manager order me a case.  I made sure I brought one with me to show him. To this day, I would not be without Perma Press. Why:  It has removed every stain I have challenged it with.  It never leaves a ring around where the stain was.  Perma Press even takes out small spots on my carpet.  I cannot say enough about this product, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.”

Nancy – Toronto, Canada 09/26/2018 

“I love your Holloway House Lemon Oil for cleaning stainless steel appliances! I never would have thought to try it for this reason; but when I complained to a friend that I couldn’t get hard water stains out of my appliances, she recommended your Lemon Oil. It’s amazing!! Thanks”

Barbara- Oakland, NJ 9/13/18  9:47 AM

“Just a note to express my delight with your floor products. After years of using other products, this is the only one that makes my hardwood floors shine and look like new again. I have used the High Traffic Hardwood, Multi-Surface Finish and Multi-Surface Cleaner. I have recommended all to my family and friends.”

Ann- Julian, NC  08/28/2018  10:06 AM

“I wanted to let you know- I have used a lot of  floor polish, but have never used anything like Quick Shine. It makes my floors look like they were just put down. Everyone brags on them.”

Dorothy – Lexington, KY  08/09/18  11:40 AM

“I had been an avid Bona user for years until I went to my neighbor’s house and saw her floors. They were so shiny! I asked her what she used and she said “Quick Shine!” and showed me the bottle and said she bought it at Target. I immediately bought some and LOVE IT! My hardwood floors have never looked better. I tell all my friends about it now.”

Maggie – Fredericksburg, VA  08/07/18  2:30 PM

“Started using your Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster about 6 months ago. One word explains the results… FANTASTIC. It does give a beautiful shine and really lasts a long time even in high traffic areas as advertised. Have tried other products in the past and none can compare to your product.”

Lena-  Watertown, MA  08/07/2018  11:34 AM

“Deep Cleaner is amazing! I bought a house with a neglected kitchen floor. I tried everything to get it clean, but nothing got through the previous products, that protected the dirt and grim. Tried your Deep Cleaner and like magic the other products just melted away and the dirt dissolved! Really amazing! Finally have a truly clean floor! Used your Floor Finish and wow, really looks like brand new. I like that you are a family company in the US, too. Thank you for saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars replacing floors. Also love that they don’t have chemical smell. Will be a forever customer and spreading the word about your wonderful products.”

Danielle – Rio Rancho, NM  06/19/18  9:00 AM

“I own a BBQ restaurant and I’m a loyal Quick Shine user.”

Jim B. –  Van Alstyne, Texas  05/22/18  9:01 AM

“My floors look Amazing!!! I was so impressed I bought some and also did my Mom’s floors. I have shared this with all my family and friends.”

Paula – Festus, MO  05/17/18  11:10 PM

“We moved into an older home. After pulling the carpet, we found the original hardwood floors. At a loss for what to do, I tried your products. Honestly, I bought them because they were less expensive than some others. My floors look amazing. I also use it on my kitchen and bathroom floors. Love the shine. So easy to use, dries quickly.”

Patty – USA  05/17/18  2:48 PM