“Wow! I used Quick Shine in June 2018 on the living room floor and it still looks GREAT. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of Quick Shine. The living room floor still looks great even the high traffic area that we walk on daily. I highly recommend!”

Linda – Batavia, NY  3/17/2020  11:30 AM

“Just wanted you all to know I love this product. I discovered it about a year ago. After I wash my floor I use Quick Shine Floor Finish. The finished product is so shinny and not slippery. Thank you, don’t change anything. I’m 80 years old and it’s so easy to use and makes my floors look like a new penny.”

Dorothy – Dundalk, MD  3/13/2020 8:57 AM

“Thank you for your fabulous wood floor Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster! Our house is about 30 years old and we’ve lived in it for about 27 years. Our entryway from the front door to kitchen and then down a hall to the right is oak planks (plywood type). It is excellent quality but over the years, even with cleaning and occasional polishing it has been looking pretty dull and warn – but not to bare wood.
Yesterday my wife cleaned the floor with a Bruce product but we didn’t have a “finish / shine” product so I went to Target. Your Quick Shine multi-surface floor finish seemed to be the best choice so I bought it and a new “mop” with a microfiber pad. In three words: IT IS SENSATIONAL!!! Can’t say thank you enough. We put two coats on even though the first one looked fine. We followed the instructions and waited an hour before applying the second coat. It’s just beautiful, looks almost new. THANK YOU so much for a wonderful product that works as promoted on the bottle.”

Steve – Tulsa, OK  2/17/2020  1:54 PM

“Hello Holloway House family, I had to drop everything tonight to send you a personal message regarding your Quick Shine product.
I have tried so many products to try to get the vinyl floors in my apartment back to their original shine. I decide to take a trip to Home Depot to see what else was on the market. I had three products in my hand and selected yours. However, because it was cheaper than the other products I was considered about the quality. Well let me tell you, my husband walked in and immediately noticed how AWESOME our floors look. Your product met and exceeded my expectation of cleaning and shining my floors. Thank you so much for making a quality product at a great price point. Keep up the great job!”

Bonita –  Atlanta, GA  2/16/2020  9:38 PM

“I have used a number of different products on my den floor, but none really gave the results I wanted. Yesterday, I used Quick Shine on the floor and I am AMAZED. I chuckled, it shines so much I could almost use it for a mirror. I am so glad to have found it. I have passed the work on to my daughter as she has a cat and grandchildren. It is nice to know it is safe for both. Thank you for this product.”

Elsie  –  La Fayette, GA  2/3/2020  9:12 AM

“I just wanted to say your Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster is absolutely amazing!!! I was thinking about re-polying my hardwood floors until I tried your product. The results were astonishing!! You have a lifelong customer!! Thank you!”

Mark  –  Berkshire, NY  2/2/2020  9:45 AM

“I didn’t know how the previous owners of my 1958 house took care of the hardwood floors and was skittish about trying different polishes. After reading reviews on several retailer sites, I tried your Quick Shine. It brought my floors up to looking new – beautiful shine, no smell, no streaks! This is a wonderful product. Thank you!”

Suzanne  – Wingdale, NY  12/6/2019  2:16 PM  

“I just wanted to let you know that I love your products. I use the green label Quick Shine Floor Finish for every non-carpet surface in my home. I get so many compliments on my floors. I always have a bottle available so I can show everyone what I’m using and I have converted quite a few to your products. Thank you for what you’re doing please do not stop making it.”

Jennifer –  Kansas City, KS 12/2/2019  2:12 PM

“I’ve used Mop & Glo on my tile floor in the kitchen before and didn’t like the result. It left streaks and very little shine. I decided to take a chance and try your Quick Shine Floor Finish. I have heard your name “Holloway House” before and I would give you a shot. The result? The cleanest tile, deepest gloss finish, and no streak results – best product on the market! Thank you very much; don’t change a thing!”

Gary – 11/21/2019  10:58 PM

“I am 70 years old and this was so easy to apply. I thought we were going to be replacing our floors until I tried Quick Shine. I AM IN MY HAPPY PLACE. Keep up the good work.”

K – Florida  11/19/2019  12:00 PM