“Finally found a product to improve the look of my old hardwood floors. They were dry and dull before I used it, and now they look rich. The shine doesn’t disappear when the floor dries. Great product! Thank you.”

Jill P. –  December 12, 2018 9:35 AM

“After trying several products on the market, I always come back to this product. We have an old farmhouse with the original 100+ year old hard wood floors. This is the only product that doesn’t dull the finish, but leaves a very nice shine.”

Jill – 12/6/2018  8:27 AM 

“While pulling up old old carpet in our New England home we discovered really nice oak floors hiding underneath. After thirty years of being covered up they were in bad need of refinishing($$$). After a friend told us about Holloway House Quick Shine we tried it out. Wow! After 3 coats, which gives it the deep beautiful shine, we were not disappointed. Remember, 3 coats and letting it dry between coats. We’ve now have done our whole house including the stair and are exceptionally pleased! Before you pickup the phone and start shelling out hundreds of dollars for a professional refinishing job please give this product a shot. A few dents and dings are considered character for a New England hardwood floor.”

Chipper – December 5, 2018  9:15 PM 

“Super easy to assemble. Very wide surface on mop head and large spray area from trigger spray. Amazing on time, hugs corners. So glad I can fill it with my own soap. Great product!”

Katie – 11/28/2018  9:45 PM

“I’ve tried a lot of mops in my day, and this one is BY FAR the best!! The microfiber pad that comes with it is very durable and reusable. You can’t find this quality anywhere. I use my hardwood floor mop a lot of different ways… dry dusting, damp mopping with water, and it’s also perfect to use when applying my Quick Shine Floor Finish to make my floors shine. I couldn’t have asked for a better mop! Thank you!”

Emma – 11/27/2018  9:35 AM 

“I wanted to let you know that your product is helping to preserve a VERY historic building in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is called “Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery”. I am the chief custodian for the building, and I bought your product hoping that it would help to shine up and preserve our 150 year old floors. Not only did it shine it up, it made it look new!”

Rachel – Milwaukee, WI  11/26/2018  9:54 AM

“I have oak hardwood fIoors throughout my home (all except the bathrooms). I didn’t think there could be a product better than Liquid Gold for hardwood floors until I purchased and used “Quick Shine; High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster; fortified with pure Carnauba.” It left such a beautiful shine! My sister thought that I’d had my floors professional refinished. I didn’t have any knowledge of your product until I ran out of Liquid Gold and was going to purchase more. Fortunately, the store I was at did not have Liquid Gold BUT did have Quick Shine. I couldn’t be happier with the results, just BEAUTIFUL!”

Nancy-  Spencer, MA  11/23/2018  4:43 PM

“I HAD a very dull marble floor with solvent spots on it. I purchased your product called Quick Shine and I am so very happy with the results. I do not think that I have ever purchased a product that had such dramatic results, I surely wish I had taken a before pic so that you could really see the improvement. Thanks for making a superior product. I will be telling all of my friends about the quality of your products.”

Nancy – Colorado Springs, CO  11/17/2018  2:17 PM

“Great! That’s what Quick Shine is. My basement tile floor has been asking me for it. Two coats and it is new again. I went back and bought another to be sure to have extra in case the store has no more.”

Carl – Baltimore, MD  10/29/2018

“This stuff is AMAZING. We pulled 12 year old hardwood out of a bar, had to scrub it for a ridiculous amount of time, and putit down in our bedroom. It basically had no finish left on it and Quick Shine makes it shine like it’s brand new! I will continue to use it forever!”

Amy – USA 10/25/2018