Extensive Evaluations to Meet Safer Choice Standards

Holloway House cares about your health and home environment. Our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish, Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Quick Shine® Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Quick Shine® High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster, Quick Shine® High Traffic Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Quick Shine® Daily Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Quick Shine® Daily Hardwood Floor Cleaner, and Quick Shine® Everyday Spot Floor Cleaner have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice label by meeting the rigorous criteria of the voluntary Safer Choice Program. The Safer Choice label allows consumers to quickly identify and choose effective products that help protect the environment and are safer for families and pets.

Our products, with the Safer Choice label, have undergone extensive evaluations to be deemed both effective and safer for your home and our environment. EPA scientists and experts in the Safer Choice Program, as well as qualified third-party reviewers, evaluate every ingredient in a product to assess its potential to cause human or environmental health effects. To carry the Safer Choice label, a product must meet the Safer Choice Standard, which includes requirements for safer chemical ingredients, performance, ingredient disclosure, packaging, VOCs, and pH. Our recognized products have been formulated to be less environmentally steadfast, less toxic, and less bio-summative than conventional cleaning formulations. They contain no heavy metals, harmful surfactants, hazardous solvents or inorganic phosphates, which burden the environment and place a strain on aquatic life.

For more information visit www.epa.gov/saferchoice.

We also invite you to visit this link for information regarding the environmental advantages of hardwood floors here. We care about the environment.

We’re proud to announce our line of products that carry the Safer Choice label.