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Concentrated Floor Cleaner

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Dissolves dirt and eliminates grime from Hardwood, Laminate, LVT, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Tile, & Stone. Leaves no sticky or oily residue.

Makes 6 Gallons – Dilute with water

pH neutral – Alcohol Free, Ammonia Free, Formaldehyde Free, Paraben Free and Gluten Free

– Buy a 6-pack, pay $8.33 per bottle, save $1.66 per bottle. –


Ingredients List

R/O Water (7732-18-5), Alkylpolyglucoside, C8-C10 (68515-73-1), Alkylpolyglucoside, C10-C16 (110615-47-9), Ethoxylated alcohols, C10-16 (68002-97-1), Ethoxylated alcohols, C9-C11 (68439-46-3), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (151-21-3), Sodium Xylene Sulfonate (1300-72-7), Fragrance (proprietary, see, 1,2 Benzisothiazolin-3-one (2634-33-5), Citric Acid (77-92-9), Polymeric blue colorant (proprietary).

Reviews 5.00 out of 5 Stars

  1. Eloise

    Quick Shine is a fabulous product for hardwood floors. It leaves them clean and shiny with no buildup. The concentrate is economical and easy to use. It has been my go-to hardwood floor cleaner for more than twenty years.

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(1) 27-oz Bottle, (6) 27-oz Bottles

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Concentrated Floor Cleaner

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