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Hexol® Pro Size

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High-quality concentrated formula cleans and deodorizes, leaving a fresh, clean smell. 

High pine-oil content has made this product a favorite of hospitals, hotels, and
households since 1927.  Made in the USA.

– Buy a 4-pack, pay $47.00 per bottle, save $3 per bottle –


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Reviews 5.00 out of 5 Stars

  1. Janice

    I’m 66 and have been using this product in my home since my Mother introduced it to me for cleaning the bathroom as a child. I love this product, the smell of it is 1000 times better than any other pine cleaner on the market in my humble opinion. I love how my home smells after I clean with Hexol it is the best!

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Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Package Size

(1) 128-oz Bottle, (4) 128-oz Bottles

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Hexol® Pro Size

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