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Lemon and Orange Oil Duo Pack

Restore Wood, Leather and More with this Cleaning Duo!

Lemon Oil

  • Highly refined natural oil deeply moisturizes and preserves wood for a rich, natural glow
  • Formulated with sun-guard to prevent fading from daylight and direct sunlight
  • Removes soap scum and water spots from tile, shower doors, and stainless steel
  • Easy-squeeze squirt bottle

Orange Oil

  • Biodegradable, gentle formula with orange fragrance
  • No harsh detergents or abrasives
  • Perfect for mahogany, teak, cherry, oak, and all natural woods
  • Excellent for removing dust, stains, grease, and giving wood a rich glow
  • Use on dust cloths for natural surfaces such as wood and leather

Lemon and Orange Oil Duo Pack

SKU: 1102-00032A
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 in
There is no Safety Data Sheet listed for this product.

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