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Multi-Surface Floor Finish

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Protects and shines  Hardwood, Laminate, LVT, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Tile, & Stone.

Restore to a deep, rich, long-lasting glow

  • Water-borne polymer premium formulation provides a micro-filling technology removing scratches
  • Ultra gloss enhancers – provides deep rich shine and protective scratch resistant layer
  • State-of-the-art leveling agents deliver an even refreshed new look
  • No VOC’s
  • pH neutral – Aluminum Free, Ammonia Free, Formaldehyde Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Gluten Free

– Buy a 6-pack, pay $8.33 per bottle, save $1.66 per bottle –



Ingredients List

R/O Water (7732-18-5), Acrylic Polymer (proprietary), Polyethylene/Polypropylene Emulsion (proprietary), Tri-2-butoxyethyl phosphate (78-51-3), 1,2-Propanediol (57-55-6), Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether (34590-94-8), 1,2 Benzisothiazolin-3-one (2634-33-5), Fluorinated Polyether (proprietary), Silicone Emulsion Antifoam Agent (proprietary).

Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish Ingredient Disclosure

Reviews 4.37 out of 5 Stars

  1. Bill


    What is the heat of reaction required to release the polymers? I have a makeshift chemical hood (window) as the ammonia is too strong to breath. I have tried soaking the mops in straight ammonia for weeks (sealed, so no evaporation) (no luck). Next I added 2 qt boiling water to a mop soaked in ammonia, then added 2 cups room temp ammonia (no luck). I suspect the amount of heat necessary to make the polymer-ammonia reaction take place will require apparatus and safety equipment I do not have access to.

    I am not sure what Polymer you are using, but I can not get the Polymer->Monomer reaction to take place with Ammonia. As stated, I have tried with heat and ammonia and also with time and ammonia (soaking) the mop). (I read about EPS/EWS 294, tough stuff and chemical resistant, is that what you use?).

    I rinse and wash the mop head after using Quick Shine, but the polymers are going to form (probably in my waste drain as well, but that would only help the lifespan of the pipe). Perhaps Quick Shine could sell disposable mop heads for this purpose?

    I believe the only chemical solution would be the Amine-Polymer reaction using your floor stripper to break down the Polymers, and this may be a less expensive option than throwing out the mops. (mops are crusty after the first usage, but somewhat usable for a second time). The microfiber mops are $5 each when buying a half dozen on Amazon.

    Regardless, ammonia and hot water to save the micro-fiber mop head did not work for me, I imagine it is a heat of enthalpy I can not produce to make the reaction take place on your solidified polymers.


    • Steven Quick

      Hi Bill,

      Our Quick Shine Deep Cleaner was specifically formulated to “unlock” our polymer floor finishes not only from your floor surface but also any applicator pad used that has dried finish in the fibers. Always thoroughly rinse the pad immediately after use until there is no floor finish left on the pad (ie:) no milky color but clear liquid flowing through pad. We hope this helps!

  2. Bill

    The stuff works, but you ruin your mop every time. The Polymer’s bind to the microfiber mops and it doesn’t wash out with water, making the mops crusty and un-usable. Use a disposable mop heads only, this is expensive but whatever.

    • Steven Quick

      Hi Bill,

      If the mop pad is not thoroughly rinsed immediately after use it can stiffen as you described. To soften the fibers and use your pad again, soak the pad in ammonia and hot water for about 30-45 minutes and rinse with clear water. The ammonia solution will liquefy our finish and release from the fibers.

  3. Mary Ann

    I have used your product for years. Quick Shine is my go to for my wood floors and they always look great. I have the original wood floors from the 1940’s. I will always use this product. I must admit I used it on my tile and marble floors and it looked great but after a couple of years I had to strip it off because it created a coat on it that was a little darker than the original color. So just a word of caution if you are trying to keep that same color tile or marble.

  4. Richard

    I recently made a mess of my 13 year-old laminate floor by using a different cleaner than I’m used to because I ran out of my usual one. I purchased my usual cleaner, re-cleaned the floor and now the floor looks worse. I thought I totally ruined my floor. It looked stripped. I was desperate so I took a chance on QUICK SHINE. Now the floor looks new with no streaks and the shine now matches my other floor that was installed last year. What a life saver. I honestly never heard of your company before. Now I’m sold. When I run out of my floor cleaner I will purchase yours.

  5. Bonita

    “I have tried so many products to try to get the vinyl floors in my apartment back to their original shine. I decide to take a trip to Home Depot to see what else was on the market. I had three products in my hand and selected yours. However, because it was cheaper than the other products I was considered about the quality. Well let me tell you, my husband walked in and immediately noticed how AWESOME our floors look. Your product met and exceeded my expectation of cleaning and shining my floors. Thank you so much for making a quality product at a great price point. Keep up the great job!”

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Multi-Surface Floor Finish

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