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Go-To Guide: Finish and Maintain

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Whether you have kids at home or just love to entertain, keeping your floors tidy and clean can be a real challenge.  Quick Shine® Floor Finish is the perfect choice to shine and protect your floors against foot traffic and prevent them from looking dull or worn.  Our quick and easy application transforms any room within minutes.  Below is a quick go-to guide on finishing and maintaining your floors to WOW your guests of all ages.


How to Organize Space for Household & Cleaning Essentials

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In my home, my vacuum and mops are located in the laundry room, but my cleaners are under the sink.  Then there is the toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc. all in different locations.  My home would feel less cluttered and more organized if I had one go-to cleaning closet.  Can you relate?  Wouldn’t you love to keep organized with all your items for everyday cleaning?

Easy Cleaning Tool: Hardwood Floor Mop

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Did you know that your vacuum is only picking up debris?  It is important to dry dust using a microfiber pad on your floors to collect the dust that can be easily spread around when you go to damp mop your floors.  I know, you just learned something new didn’t you?  No one wants a streaky haze on their floors after spending time cleaning but that often happens when damp mopping your floors if you haven’t previously dry dusted first.

New Products: Daily Care Cleaners

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Did your kids throw their dinner?  Did your pet have an accident?  Did you spill your drink?  Life doesn’t always go as planned.  For those little moments, we would like to proudly introduce our two new Daily Care cleaners!  Quick Shine® Daily Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner and Quick Shine® Daily Hardwood Floor Cleaner are now available for your daily quick clean-ups!

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