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How to Bring Your Cabinets Back to Life

Are your cabinets or furniture lacking their original pizazz?  Maybe you are in possession of antique furniture needing to be refreshed?  Let us help you take your cabinet and furniture care up to the next level.

HH Oil Family Shot

The trio you see above are fantastic options to bring your cabinets and furniture back to life.  All are very simple and ready-to-use formulas!  Let us tell you a little about each product so you can pick the one best for you!

The Lemon Oil and Orange Oil are very similar products, but have different fragrances.  Both are recommended by master wood craftsmen and upscale furniture manufacturers around the world.  The Lemon Oil and Orange oil are both a pure, highly refined natural oil that cleans, deeply moisturizes, and preserves wood giving it a rich, natural glow.  They also contain Sun-Guard to protect finishes from fading due to daylight and direct sunlight.  You can see the amazing difference in your furniture after just one use!

Another fun fact about the Lemon Oil is its many uses; removes soap scum and water spots from wall tile, shower doors, and stainless steel!  You can use it on many wood surfaces from your furniture to your kitchen cabinets.

The Wood Cleaner is also a wonderful product for your furniture care.  It’s a waterless natural cleaner for fine wood that has a unique coconut fragrance.  Holloway House Wood Cleaner gently dissolves wax buildup and deep-cleans dirt, cooking grease, and body oils which can darken and soften the wood finish over time.  It is also great to use on antique furniture!

To revive your furniture, simply click on the Products tab at the top of this page and go to All-Surface Home Care to grab your favorite today.  Get excited about your cabinets and furniture again!

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