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How To Protect Your Floors When Moving Heavy Furniture

There are many times as a homeowner that you might find yourself moving furniture or heavy objects around. Maybe you just inherited the family piano or have decided to rearrange your furniture or maybe you are installing new floors throughout your home and need to move everything from room to room. Whatever the reason be, we have some great tips for protecting your floors and avoiding permanent scuffs or scratches. By taking a few simple precautionary measures, you can protect your flooring and keep the beautiful wood in great condition.

  1. Start with doormats. Line the entryway with mats to help keep the slippery stuff away from the wood floors, and you’ve taken one big step in preventing accidents.
  2. When moving large furniture, use furniture sliders if you can’t carry it. No furniture sliders? Use cardboard or ram board.
  3. For heavy or bulky furniture such as tables and chairs, leather chaise lounge, cover the feet and edges with a soft fabric or wrap them in padding. This helps protect your hardwood flooring in case you accidentally drop the item on the floor.
  4. Use felt chair glides or felt furniture pads to avoid any scratching during movement.

If you do encounter a few scratches over time, protect your floors with Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster. Our pH neutral water borne polymer finish fortified with pure plant based Carnauba will fill in micro-scratches and even out the appearance of your floor giving it that new floor shine in less than an hour.

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