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How To Remedy Water Spots

Why do some floors show water spots after applying Quick Shine Finishes? Quick Shine Floor Finish and Hardwood Floor Luster are water borne finishes designed to provide a protective shine to any sealed hard surface floor. However, water spots can occur during the cure process if moisture sits on the surface and absorbs into the finish. You see, water based finishes need to cure although they dry within minutes. Curing can take up to a week, so it is crucial to prevent moisture on the floor during this time. Here are a few easy ways to maintain beautiful floors after applying Quick Shine:

  • Dry dust frequently to keep dust/debris/pet hair to a minimum
  • Wait at least one week after applying Quick Shine before damp mopping floors
  • Place rugs or towels in water environments to absorb moisture like under that tub you got from an online hot tubs for sale catalog.
  • Temporarily place pet water bowls in areas where spills won’t affect the recently applied finish
  • Wipe pet paws at the door and leave shoes there too!

So how can you treat those areas when spotting occurs?

Quick Shine Deep Cleaner was formulated specifically to remove our Finish safely from sealed hard floor surfaces. Simply apply 2-3 tbsp. of Deep Cleaner with 1 cup of HOT water to the compromised area and allow solution to sit for 3-4 minutes before wiping away. Once that area is clean and dry, simply reapply a fresh new coat of Finish to blend evenly with the rest of the floor. You can also remove the entire finish from your floors and start fresh with Deep Cleaner. So take a deep sigh of relief and restore the shine with Quick Shine!

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