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How Will 2020 Floor Trends Affect Your Style

I never thought I would see fanny packs,  ‘mom’ jeans, tracksuits or permed hair again in my lifetime. The 2020 vision according to Hardwood Floors Magazine lays out exactly what we can expect from the 80’s and 90’s trends for 2020. I am not sure I am ready to clothes shop any time soon, however the flooring industry is calling my name. Gray, taupe, greige, and chalky off-white are going to remain strong as long standing timeless trends but a darkening neutral palette with warm grays, charcoal to full black, as well as espresso browns are where it’s at in 2020. We will see more and more performance, and pet friendly features work their way into our world. As the leader in floor finishes and winner of the 2019 EPA Safer Choice Award, we gladly welcome this fresh style.

What’s possible today wasn’t possible a few years ago, and that is waterproof and splash protection for hardwood flooring. Manufacturers of floor covering are always innovating. Things that work in one category can sometimes be applied to an altogether different category, much like the aluminum oxide in laminate flooring to hardwood flooring resulting in scratch resistant surfaces. In the tidal wave of products that are ‘waterproof’, we can now find a handful of hardwood flooring brands that are protected from splashes, spills, and the occasional pet accidents which allows consumers to turn back to real wood flooring.

So how is this going to affect your style? Reds, oranges, and wine colored wood from the late 90’s and early 2000’s are out and won’t be back any time soon.  For us, Quick Shine products will still be compatible with the ever changing style.

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