Mistakes in Floor Finishing – Part 1

Have you ever finished a floor, only to look at it and think, ‘something is wrong’? Panic sets in and you feel that your floor is destroyed. Anyone who has ever applied floor finish will likely have a few mistakes that they have made during the process. Some errors are due to rushing through a phase of the job, while others can be accredited to not accounting for environmental factors like heat and humidity. We are here to break down several mistakes consumers make when finishing their floors and how to fix them.

*Note: This blog post will be in broken down into 3 parts so be sure to follow along.

Let’s start with stripping a floor.

Mistake #1 … Leaving a Little Behind

If the floor was stripped, was it stripped completely? Any areas where the old finish was not completely removed will show up as ‘dull patches’ when the floor is refinished. Using a professional quality stripper like Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner will help, but proper technique is critical.

Mistake #2 … Rushing the Rinse

Are you taking time for a final rinse? Use clean water, a clean mop and Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner when stripping finish. If the floor is not completely clean and neutralized prior to application of floor finish, performance and appearance issues will quickly become evident and you may have to start over. A final clean water rinse is viable to achieve the WOW Factor.

So what is the step by step procedure to perfectly clean floors? Follow our guide below and be on your way to beautiful floors today!

Deep Cleaner Guide

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